I’m going on an adventure…

It is tradition in my family that every Christmas we watch The Hobbit, this year my fiancé is treating me to the extended version – I’m so lucky 😉

But last night as we began watching Part 1, the scene where Bilbo Baggins leaves the safety of the Shire hit a chord with me.

My writing journey is my adventure, it’s not always going to be easy and like Bilbo I’m sure I won’t come out of it unscathed. They’ll be times when I want to give up and I’m sure people will want to give up on me, but unless I take that leap of faith I’ll never know.

Trust plays a part in every aspect of our lives, I trust the people I love, I trust my friends and now it’s time for me to have a bit more trust in myself, a bit more trust in my abilities as a writer.

Bilbo had the courage to leave the Shire and have an adventure and now it’s my turn.  I have no idea where the journey will take me, I’ll draw the map as I go along, that way I can always find my way home.

But just like Bilbo I won’t be alone because I have my fiancé who will support me all the way.

So now when someone asks where I’m going, I’ll say, ‘I’m going on an adventure…’

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