Good will to all men…


So it’s 1pm on the last day of term and I’ve got 5 boys who decided that fighting was the best way to end the term, so instead of enjoying the new BFG film, they’re pondering their actions, Merry Christmas…

On a lighter note school does indeed break up today and I have assigned tomorrow as my day of rest, I plan to stay in my pyjamas and write all day, it maybe the only opportunity I get.

I am trying to do a creative writing course at the moment, although to be honest I’ve been dragging my feet a bit in recent months.  It’s predominately a ‘writing for children’ course as eventually that is the direction that I want my writing to go in.  I have an assignment to complete and I want to get it emailed off to my mentor before Christmas (my fiancé will be happy), then there is another short story competition that I have my eye on, so I want to try and get some ideas down and see if I can sketch out an outline.

This is another strangely themed competition as it has to be an ‘epistolary’ story, told entirely through correspondence. In today’s electronic age I have a multitude of different ways that I could approach this, text messages, emails, memos, post-its or old fashioned letters, but as with Iris (see my previous posts) I need to hear and believe in my character’s voice so that I can make my writing convincing.   10 years ago I spent some time teaching English in Nepal and whilst I was there I started writing an epistolary based story, so I will maybe take a look at that and see if there’s anything worth using.

So this is where I will leave you for today, Sophie and the BFG are off to visit the Queen, the boys are back in class and my mind is buzzing with ideas… Happy Days 😉


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