Give Yourself a Pat on the Back…


Yesterday I set myself a few writing tasks, so how did I do?

I didn’t get it all finished, well let’s face it rather than trying to climb Conic Hill I set myself the task of climbing Ben Nevis, but I did spend a lovely day writing.  I completed a third of my assignment and I have started to think about ideas for the short story I want to write.

But most importantly what I did write I was happy with, I know you should write as much as you can and then edit later, but where my writing is concerned I’m a little OCD and have the terrible habit of editing as I go along (I’m hoping that this is a habit I will be able to break the more I write), so at the moment things take a me bit longer.

But back to my short story – so it’s for a competition and has to be written in the form of correspondence, but so far all of my ideas have a sad or unhappy ending and I don’t want a sad ending.

A few months ago I read in a writing magazine that for their ‘open’ competitions they rarely received entries that had happy endings, so when one did arrive it stood out (it wasn’t saying that only happy stories won, obviously every entry is judged on its own merit), but this got me thinking…

I know that to conclude my story I want the final piece of correspondence to come from a 3rd party, as a way of summing everything up, one epistolary book that does this wonderfully is John Julius Norwich’s ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ if you haven’t read it then you should because it is so funny and very apt for this time of year.  Recently I also read ‘Wild Swimming’ by Elodie Harper (winner of the Guardian short story contest), this too was a very clever piece of writing with a fantastic 3rd party summing up.

Two very inspirational pieces of writing but before I can write my ending I need to find that voice, the one that will help me tell their story.  So it’s back to the drawing board and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some writing tomorrow.


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