Incy, wincy spider…

So earlier this evening my fiancé sees a spider crawling across the wall, said spider was about an inch in size, legs included, we are not talking about a tarantula, just a small spider. Now what you need to know about my fiancé is that he hates spiders, cannot stand them, so much so that he trained our dog to catch them…

We have a small Jackchi called Phoebe, she is adorable, kind, loving and very affectionate, unless you are a spider (or worm). When she sees a spider she nudges it with her nose, tosses it in the air and then rolls on it, occasionally, like this evening, she will even eat it. However; so small was this spider that it must have slid quickly down her throat without touching the sides because she spent a couple of minutes looking for it.

As you can see from those soft, brown eyes, she’s a real cutie and you would never think her a spider killer…

So if you have a spider problem and you hate arachnids then maybe you should call Phoebe, she will always save the day.


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