Come out, come out wherever you are…

img_1781So I’ve a deadline, got about 4 days to submit a piece of flash fiction.  Shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s only 500 words and needs to be loosely based around a particular Aesop fable, so why am I not celebrating its completion this evening?

My characters have decided to send me to Coventry and refuse to talk to me, that’s why!! I have come up against a brick wall and am void of ideas.

img_1788 I wanted to map out some ideas today, I have been carrying my notebook around with me all day, but I’ve been too exhausted to even lift the pen.  My poor fiancé was awake at 1am with severe toothache, by 2am he was downstairs because the pain was so bad that he didn’t know what to do with himself and at 3:30am I went down to sit with him, so it was a night of broken sleep which has made us both lethargic and unfortunately my creative juices have hit a dam…

I’m really keen to get something down on paper but the lightbulb just won’t turn on and I’m struggling to develop a storyline…

So here is where I’m going to leave you for tonight, we have an early dental appointment and my poor fiancé is a bit scared about what they might do, last time he went (4 years ago) he had to have a coronectomy, look it up on Wiki, it doesn’t sound good.


So I’ll be there to hold his hand and you never know I may get a snippet of inspiration and my invisible friends may just decide that they want to come out and play again.


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