It’s time for me to come out of the closet…


For years I have been a closet writer, it was something I wanted to do but I never seemed to have the time, or that was the excuse I told myself.  The real reason was that I was scared of what people would say about my writing, that they wouldn’t like it, that I wouldn’t be good enough or worse still that my friends and family would say they liked it because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

20 days ago I decided to begin this Blog, I needed a reason to write every day and I hoped that as I became part of the blogging community I would be encouraged to write more and more.  My biggest supporter is my Fiancé who nags me if he doesn’t receive a blog notification on his phone each day.

Well today I did it, I entered my first writing competition, I threw caution to the wind and sent my entry off via email before the mid-day deadline.  As I am not adept at writing flash fiction I’m sure I have made lots of rookie mistakes, but do you know what, at this moment in time I don’t care, because I am incredibly proud of myself.  I will learn the craft with each new piece that I write.  I will find my voice and that of my characters and I will let them shout from the rooftops in future, rather than suppressing them and locking them away.

I am motivated and what’s even better is that I already have another competition entry ready to submit to another magazine and I am going to spend the rest of today (it’s the last day of my holiday) drafting another one.

So today is a day of celebration, it’s my day to step out of the closet and tell people that I am a Writer, it’s what I do, it’s what I enjoy.

Here’s to all the writers out there who have stories to tell and a voice to be heard…


10 thoughts on “It’s time for me to come out of the closet…

  1. Lynn Love

    Congratulations! Yes, it is nerve wracking sending out stories, especially to begin with and you’ll face alot of rejection – we all do. But you’re doing the right thing, sending out stories, sending out more and trying to learn from everyone and everything – TV, film, novels you love or hate, short sotries by the famous and the unknown. All helps. And if poss, send several subs out at the same time so if you get one rejection, you can focus on the next and the next …
    Good luck with it all and thanks for the follow 🙂

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  2. rogershipp

    Love to stay in touch with such an ambitious and driven new writer,

    Thanks you so very much for taking an interest in my blog. I hope that you will find my stories interesting for some light and casual reading, but intriguing enough in their complexity to want to visit often. Anytime you visit, I love feedback. I am still a writer very rough-around-the-edges. Any feedback I can get, I cherish! Thanks again for your visit.

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