Flashes of inspiration…

Why is it that flashes of inspiration come at awkward moments?

Take last night for example, I’m in bed just drifting off when I had the idea for the opening line of a spooky story (yes you guessed it another competition entry). I mulled the sentence around in my head for a minute, my eyes heavy with sleep, I tried to convince myself that I’d still remember the line in the morning but I knew I was just kidding myself. So I grabbed my phone, turned to the memos and typed in the line, and it was a good job that I did because by the morning I’d completely forgotten about. Not only had I forgotten the line, I’d forgotten that I’d typed anything at all.  It was only as I was closing apps down on my phone this afternoon that I realised the memos were open.

As a teacher I can’t just stop teaching and grab my notebook when an idea hits so I jot things down on whatever I can get my hands on, post it notes, tissues (clean of course), serviettes, scraps of paper, absolutely anything. The problem with that though is that I have to search through all the tissues and scraps of paper in my bag and on my desk before I through them away in case I accidentally bin a masterpiece.

I know that there’s no easy solution to the problem, when an idea hits you have to grab it by the horns and get it recorded before it disappears into the neverworld. So I will continue to carry around a bag full of notepads and pens and pockets of serviettes and tissues just in case an idea sneaks into my thoughts at an inopportune moment…img_1799

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