Frustrations of a writer…

Today I thought I would share with you my Top Ten writer frustrations:

Just making it at number 10:

Forgetting the charger for the laptop.

Closely beaten at number 9 by:

The internet, a fabulous resource but a procrastinator’s nightmare.

At number 8:

Thinking that you’ve created the most amazing name for a character only to realise that it’s already been used before.

In at number 7:

Your pen running out mid sentence/idea and having to use a different colour ink.

Jumping ahead at number 6:

Gazing longingly at the beautiful notebooks in Paperchase, knowing that if you bought another one your other half would go crazy (because you have 50 unused ones hidden at home already).

Making it into the top 5 are…

At number 5:

Thinking you have ages until the deadline, only to double check and realise it’s actually the next day.

Shooting in at number 4:

The patronising looks people give you when you tell them that you write fiction.

Making it to the number 3 slot:

Too many ideas and not enough time to get them all down on paper.

At number 2:

Having an amazing idea in the middle of the night or at another inopportune moment and fooling yourself into thinking that you’d remember it still the next day.

And taking the number 1 slot, my biggest frustration yet:

Remembering you have a full time job that stops you from writing when you want to.



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