Every writer needs a Phoebe…

Tonight I thought I’d tell you a bit more about Phoebe, my amazing Jackchi.  Why? you might be thinking…

This evening I was sitting in the lounge working on a short story, quietly minding my own business; now Phoebe is a proper lap dog, she loves nothing more then to be curled up on someone’s lap, that is unless you have a lap top in which case she loves nothing more then focusing intently on the screen.

I started typing up my story while she was asleep on my fiancé’s lap, but I realised that I needed to do some research, so I did a quick YouTube search and found the perfect video. However Phoebe felt it necessary to give me her ‘two penith worth’, and as you can see from the following pictures she was enraptured by what she saw.

She got very excited about the whole idea for my story and thought the video was a great bit of research. In fact she has offered to watch any future videos with me to give me her opinion.

I’m much happier now that I know Phoebe approves of my story, but I still think I’ll give it to my fiancé to read first.

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