Who said writing was a lonely business?

I’ve read that writers are naturally lonely. To enable the creative juices to flow we like to lock ourselves away.

I myself prefer working in silence, I can’t listen to music or have background sounds at all, I just can’t concerntrate. Take this evening for example, I got more written whilst I was alone with the TV off then I did when my fiancé joined me and the TV was turned on, yes I could have gone to another room and continued writing in silence, but  we wanted to spend the evening together, so my fiancé compromised by turning the volume down.

The problem I face though is, like this evening, that I don’t always want to hide myself away from my family, I work full time and my evenings and weekends are time for me to spend with the people I love, but since the beginning of December,because I’m focusing on my writing, I’ve had to juggle my time and also the way I write. I now refuse to close the laptop as soon as the TV goes on, I try and work on through it because I know I can edit the work at a quieter time. If my stepchildren are about then I will try and add notes to my ‘Little Book of Big Ideas’ at least I’m still being creative and writing something.

But as for my writing process I don’t think I’ll ever be completely alone as this picture shows…


because Phoebe is always happy to snuggle up next to me and encourage me.

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