Home in time for tea…

Friday in our house is pizza night, the reason for this is because 3 out of 4 weekends my fiancé picks up his youngest two children and drives them 100 miles back home to us. By the time they arrive they are all exhausted and experience has taught me that pizza is a nice, easy meal that Riley and Faith can eat while playing or relaxing in front of the telly. It’s the only night when they don’t eat up the table, it’s our chill time, time for us to reconnect as a family.

As for my eldest stepson Jack, he would happily eat pizza 24/7, in fact he’s recently got a student card and was more excited about the discounts off various pizza places then anything else…

So with the children home with us my weekend is organised; an early start as it’s ballet tomorrow morning, it is also Rosie’s birthday (Rosie is my stepdaughter’s baby doll) so no doubt we will have to go out and buy a birthday present, Faith wants to get her a real dummy and a real baby’s bottle…

But for now the youngest two children are chilling, our eldest son is playing on his PlayStation and our eldest daughter is out with friends.  

These 5 very special people make up my world, we may not always be together physically but I think about each and everyone of them all the time – welcome to my world  ❤

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