My Book Cafe Dream…

Recently I have been daydreaming about winning the lottery, a far fetched dream as I don’t actually do the lottery, but there’s no harm in dreaming…

I would love to own a little book cafe, a place where people could come and read whilst enjoying a cuppa and a slice of homemade cake, my mum’s cakes not mine as I can’t bake.

I’d have a small courtyard out back covered with beautiful fragrant flowers and tables and chairs so that on warmer days people could enjoy the fresh air.

Inside the walls would be bookcases rammed with books which people could read or swop and take home.

I’d name the cakes after authors, Dickens’ Date Cake, Hislop’s Victoria Sponge, Cooper’s Carrot Cake, Morpurgo’s Mess, St Clair Scones, Blyton’s Buns, you get the idea.

What a dream, I could sit in a comfy chair and write and read all day whist sipping tea and eating cake… sheer bliss…

One day my dream may come true but until then I’ll just keep dreaming and writing…

3 thoughts on “My Book Cafe Dream…

  1. smudge

    We share a common dream!
    Whereas I’m not too much of a reader (I know, crazy admission for a writer…), I’d love to own a coffee shop/ bakery cafe near the seashore, where folks can come and enjoy a cup of warmth, a plate of yum, and soak in the beauty of life! Getting to see and interact with people in that type of environment – sharing joy and joyful moments – and spending time writing and writing… Ahhh… to dream!

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