Burn the bra…

I saw a post on Facebook this evening that had been posted by a fellow writer, she wanted to know whether women writers felt that they were at a disadvantage when trying to get work published because of their gender…

Questions such as these baffle me, I’m an intelligent woman and am well aware of the prejudices and social injustice that women have faced in the past and still do, however I find it so odd that on a daily basis some women feel that their life is a constant battle.

I wasn’t brought up by my parents to see my gender as being an issue, I have certainly never walked into a job interview thinking that I would have to work harder then a man interviewing for the same position.  There are inequalities in all areas of life that both men and women face e.g. why should the children of separated parents automatically live with the mother? Why not the father? I’m a teacher and have in the past had to question the parenting skills of mothers so just because they gave birth to the children doesn’t mean that they are a good parent.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, that if we see our life as a battle then it will become a battle because we will question everything that is said or done towards us… is that man opening the door for me because he is polite or is he undermining me? 

If a man opens a door then it’s because he’s POLITE, why on earth would he have an ulterior motive, he has better things to do with his time.

I know this may open a can of worms but sometimes we just need to move on and ‘suck it up princess’…

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