A Safe Place…

Photo Credit: Bikurgurl

100 World Wednesday – Week 3

It was safer down here, of that I was sure!  I heard them calling my name, their voices taunting me, but I wasn’t going to answer them.  I was definitely safer down here…

I knew that the storm drain opened up by Lincoln and Memorial and from there I’d be able to get back to town.  I headed east and quickly lost sight of the daylight. I’m not sure when it was that they’d decided to gate off the exit, but as the rain fell I felt the waters rise around me.

I really thought I’d be safer down here… (100 words)

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14 thoughts on “A Safe Place…

  1. bikurgurl

    I love this story!! It certainly keeps me wanting to read more – where did your character come from? Where is the intended destination? As a short introduction, this is certainly whets my appetite for more!! Thanks for joining us again this week – always looking forward to your stories!!

    Liked by 1 person

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