Chez Bug…

Picture courtesy of Photo Prompts

Mrs Ladybird fondly remembered the first time she had visited ‘Chez Bug’; it had been on her honeymoon, they had loved it so much that they had returned each year with their ever growing brood.  So many happy memories.

It saddened her now as she stood there looking at the worn facade of the hotel.  To think they’d once called it their ‘Love Palace’, now look at it, the wood was peeling, the rooms drafty and the bedding was old.

The Woodlice had definitely let it go downhill, but could you really blame them after that nasty incident with Papa Woodlouse and the fishpond.  They never had recovered his body.  And here was his legacy being left to wrack and ruin. 

Mrs Ladybird sighed; a nostalgic tear trickled down her face. She doubted they’d be back next year, to be honest she’d be surprised to find it still standing, but for now they’d make the best of ‘Chez Bug’.

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