He Loves Me, He Loves me not…

Photo prompt: Nighthags Writing Corner


I look at the handsome guy standing in the doorway and smile to myself. I’m not sure how we ended up together; but he does love me, of course he does; he tells me all he time.

I question too much, that’s my problem.  It’s just me being insecure, I need to relax more and enjoy the relationship. 

He does love me, I don’t know why I’m questioning it.  I’d be here all night if I were to list the things he does for me.  Take this cup of tea here, he loves making me tea, always has one ready for me. 

The tea always has a bitter after taste though, I’ve no idea what he does to it, I’ve been watering the rubber plant with them; not that he knows that. Come to think of it, the plant’s not looking so good, I don’t think the tea agrees with it…

Of course he loves me, why would I ever doubt it?

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