Come in and make yourself comfortable…

I’d walked past these gates a thousand times, never stopping or curious to know what lay beyond.  But then they’d always been locked; a thick chain encircling the bars like a snake squeezing the life out of its prey.

Everything about tonight though was different. The moon hung limply in the sky obscured by burgeoning clouds. Rain fell in large droplets bounding off the gravel beneath my feet. 

It was the sudden squeaking of the loose gate that first alerted me to the fact that it was open. Wet through I clambered up the bank to where the Yew tree could shield me. The darkness swallowed the light from my phone, shadows mocked me with their inexplicable silhouettes.

My heart began to beat faster, the sweat mixing with the icy rain.  I was about to head back to the road when I heard the whispering, a dozen disembodied voices all talking at once, calling, begging me to come in.

As I slid down the bank to the road I turned back just once to see the silhouettes gathering at the gate…

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