The Day the Machines came…

Image credit: Andreas P. via Unsplash

Bikurgurl 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge —Week 4

Day 1

Fear spread throughout the forest like a cancer.

Day 2

We felt the vibrations from the drilling machines long before we saw them.

Day 3

The birds and creatures left their homes in the canopy.

Day 4 

The leviathan attacked at dawn and tore down trees, slaughtering everything in its path.

Day 5

The river ran red with the blood of the innocent and the sun turned black from the suffocating smoke.

Day 6

Those of us who were left ran for our lives.

Day 7

The machines rested; peace, if but for a short time, was restored.

(100 words)

Thanks Bikurgurl for a rather challenging photo this week.

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