Should you or shouldn’t you?

Today I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the writing course that I’m doing.  When I set out to research writing courses I read a lot of conflicting reports, some people said they were a waste of money and that the way to learn to write was to just write, to a certain point I agree with that. 

I didn’t want a general writing course, I want to specifically write for children, so that narrowed down my search quite a lot. Price also played a big factor, writing courses do not come cheap…

I opted to study with the Writers Bureau for the following reasons:

  • The cost was affordable as I was able to pay monthly rather than in one go making budgeting a lot easier,
  • There is no time limit on the course, I can take as long as I like, again working full time and having a family to look after I don’t always get to write as often as I would like, so another plus point,
  • The coursework is available online immediately and then is sent to you in a ring binder. You receive your first 2 assignments with the ring binder (and online) and then 2 are sent each time you receive feedback on your assignments, you do have to send the assignments in numerical order though,

I’ve now completed 3 assignments and here are my thoughts so far:

  •  I have been assigned a really nice tutor (Karen King) who always provides my feedback within 10 days of me submitting an assignment,
  • Her feedback has been very constructive, I actually look forward to receiving the emails,
  • This course has made me study different aspects of children’s writing that I would never have considered, I am currently focusing on picture books,
  • The course really makes you do your research, there’s a lot of reading involved,
  • The most difficult thing I have had to do so far is write the dreaded synopsis, but it turned out ok and my tutor liked my idea,
  • Each assignment has about 4 sections to it (usually with word counts, which makes you focus on every single word),
  • I haven’t yet written a story for the course, so far all of the assignments have been research based, which I’ve enjoyed because they have made me focus on details I may never have considered, e.g. One of the tasks from my last assignment was to write the same opening paragraph for 3 stories, a horror, a mystery and a comedy. It had to be based around the idea of a child being woken in the middle of the night. It sounds easy but it was harder then I thought and when you are restricted by a word count as well…

So there you have it, should you or shouldn’t you? 

My advice is, do your research, there are plenty of courses out there to suite your requirements and more importantly your budget, but remember cheap isn’t always best.  My course provides me with invaluable feedback from a published author and it is written specifically for the type of writing that I want to do. It’s worth mentioning here though, that they do a whole range of writing courses, you’ll definitely find one that suits you.  But more then anything the course also motivates me, I am a terrible procrastinator…

If you’d like to take a look at the courses they do then the website address is


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