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A Safe Place…

Photo Credit: Bikurgurl

100 World Wednesday – Week 3

It was safer down here, of that I was sure!  I heard them calling my name, their voices taunting me, but I wasn’t going to answer them.  I was definitely safer down here…

I knew that the storm drain opened up by Lincoln and Memorial and from there I’d be able to get back to town.  I headed east and quickly lost sight of the daylight. I’m not sure when it was that they’d decided to gate off the exit, but as the rain fell I felt the waters rise around me.

I really thought I’d be safer down here… (100 words)

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Heaven is an Island in the Pacific Ocean…

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Saksham Gangwar. Unsplash

100 Word Wednesday – Week 2

At the water’s edge I hesitated, was this how the afterlife really looked, sundrenched beaches and palm trees? Vast oceans and seagulls?

I tried desperately to look back, to see what I was leaving behind me, to try and hold onto my life, but as the waves kissed the sand beneath it and the sun dipped below the ridge of the Island the pull was too strong and I found myself drawn even further forward.

The breeze from the ocean caressed my face and hands and at last I succumbed to its calling and drifted peacefully towards the Island.

(99 words)

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Where the trees whisper her name…

100 Word Wednesday – week 1 – Dark Track

Frost bitten grass crunched beneath his feet as he made his way slowly through the trees. Night had come quickly and the moon was high, casting shadows of demons on the path in front of him.

Suddenly, jerking back trapped, he thrashed about, his hair becoming more entangled in the forest’s ungloved hands. Beating fast, his heart reminded him that he was still alive, but what of Lucy?

She was here, of that he was sure, he had returned every year to search. She was trapped somewhere within this forest, lost and afraid in this place where the tress whispered her name…. (102 words)

100 word Wednesday

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