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Back in Time…

When the phonecall had come Amy had been shopping, she’d collapsed to the floor, the eggs slipping from her hand; crashing to the ground in a melee of egg shell, whites and yolks.

It wasn’t that the call had been completely unexpected, after all her mother’s death had been a long time coming; it was more the wave of relief that drifted over her that had caused the most surprise.

A woman shopper had been the first to help, followed quickly by one of the store attendants who called for some paper towel and a ‘Caution – Wet Floor’ sign. Later this scene would make Amy laugh as she told her husband what had happened. 

She knew that she would have no choice now but to return to Filbert Street. 

The kindly shopper had escorted her to the store cafe where a cup of steaming sweet tea was placed in front of her. Amy smiled and cupped her hands around the mug to stop them from shaking, she was determined not to cry.

Amy had done well for herself, she was unrecognisable from the 16 year old girl who had left home one crisp Autumn day in 1999, broken and alone. 

She was living in a hostel in Leeds when Big Ben chimed in the new millennium and it was another 7 years before she’d gone back to visit her mum, by that time she’d graduated from university and was teaching. Amy had met David the year before and two years later they married, Amy did not invite her mum to the wedding.

She could still smell the rancid air that filled the house, a cocktail of cigarette smoke, over flowing ashtrays, mouldy take-out trays and empty vodka bottles. She shuddered as she recalled shoplifting for food because her mother had spent all their money on fags and alcohol. She was surprised at how adept she had become at it, but she’d had to eat. How the other girls had laughed at her because her clothes were old and ill-fitting. When her periods started she’d had to rip up a couple of sheets to use, she’d got the idea from a book about the Victorians!

She had slipped through the system like water through a sieve and no one had cared, not her teachers nor the neighbours. 

But now she was free…


Confessions of an Addict…

Now I love notepads, there is nothing better then opening a new notepad and writing in it. I must have at least 50 unused notepads and every time I’m at St Pancreas station in London I just have to pop into Paperchase and buy another one (don’t tell the FiancĂ©)!

My fiancé has recognised this addiction and often finds my new purchases hidden around the house, in drawers and my many bags, much the same as an alcoholic might hide bottles of gin.

When I started blogging I also started a new notebook, a nice, black Moleskin journal and I called it ‘My Little Book of Big Ideas’, over the past 3 weeks I have jotted down all of my ideas for my short story competition entries. I like this notebook because it’s just ideas, lots of mindmaps and character descriptions and along with this blog it’s got me writing on a daily basis. 

Tomorrow I will complete my flash fiction entry and email it off before the 12pm deadline and I can only do this because I jotted down ideas in my notebook. It will be my first ever writing competition entry and it came to fruition from a bundle of notes and ideas in my notebook.

So see I may have an addiction but at least I’m using the notepads now, it just means I’ll have to keep on buying them so that I never run out.