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Our house is not bricks and mortar, it is a living, breathing organism feeding constantly off our emotions.

It offers sanctity and solitude when we are stressed; comfort and warmth when we are at our lowest and neediest.

Its heart pulsates with every word that is spoken, every laugh that escapes and every tear that is shed.

Our house is alive even in the silent moments of night when it protects us as we sleep.

Its windows are beacons which guide us safely back no matter how far we travel.

In the stillness of time I can feel its heart beat in rhythm with mine.

Our house is not bricks and mortar, it is a living, breathing organism, it is our Home ❤


He Loves Me, He Loves me not…

Photo prompt: Nighthags Writing Corner


I look at the handsome guy standing in the doorway and smile to myself. I’m not sure how we ended up together; but he does love me, of course he does; he tells me all he time.

I question too much, that’s my problem.  It’s just me being insecure, I need to relax more and enjoy the relationship. 

He does love me, I don’t know why I’m questioning it.  I’d be here all night if I were to list the things he does for me.  Take this cup of tea here, he loves making me tea, always has one ready for me. 

The tea always has a bitter after taste though, I’ve no idea what he does to it, I’ve been watering the rubber plant with them; not that he knows that. Come to think of it, the plant’s not looking so good, I don’t think the tea agrees with it…

Of course he loves me, why would I ever doubt it?

Home in time for tea…

Friday in our house is pizza night, the reason for this is because 3 out of 4 weekends my fiancé picks up his youngest two children and drives them 100 miles back home to us. By the time they arrive they are all exhausted and experience has taught me that pizza is a nice, easy meal that Riley and Faith can eat while playing or relaxing in front of the telly. It’s the only night when they don’t eat up the table, it’s our chill time, time for us to reconnect as a family.

As for my eldest stepson Jack, he would happily eat pizza 24/7, in fact he’s recently got a student card and was more excited about the discounts off various pizza places then anything else…

So with the children home with us my weekend is organised; an early start as it’s ballet tomorrow morning, it is also Rosie’s birthday (Rosie is my stepdaughter’s baby doll) so no doubt we will have to go out and buy a birthday present, Faith wants to get her a real dummy and a real baby’s bottle…

But for now the youngest two children are chilling, our eldest son is playing on his PlayStation and our eldest daughter is out with friends.  

These 5 very special people make up my world, we may not always be together physically but I think about each and everyone of them all the time – welcome to my world  ❤

Date Night…

It’s Tuesday, is it too early to wish it was the weekend?

This evening I didn’t get any writing done because my fiancé and I went in a date. We never had a courtship in the traditional sense. In the first few months of our relationship we probably went on about 6 dates! The reason for this was that we lived 100 miles apart and that my fiancé had children, so  after the first two weekends I travelled to his house and spent time getting to know the children.

We moved in together 6 months after we became a couple and since then we’ve tried to have an evening to ourselves once a month, sometimes ( if we’re lucky) we’ve managed it once a week.

This evening we went to see ‘A Monster Calls’ I’d read the book when it was first published and was really looking forward to the film.

So what did I think of it?

I loved it, it payed homage to the book, and the special effects were amazing. It’s a sad film and I did shed a few tears, but then I cried when I read the book so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. If you get an opportunity to see it, go, you won’t be disappointed.

So this evening I took a night off from my own writing and emersed myself in someone else’s and it was well worth it.

Did it inspire my own writing in anyway? No it didn’t, I don’t aspire to be Patrick Ness, but then why should I, for a start I’m a woman and not called Patrick!,

I write what I want to read and create the characters I want to write about and I hope that one day other people will want to enter my worlds too.


Oh go on then, just one more roast potato…


This was me after lunch today, could I have squeezed in another ‘pig in blanket’? Probably not.  There comes a point when you have to come to terms with the fact that you need to stop eating…

But it was lovely to be with family, especially as we only see some of them every 2 years because they live in Australia. There’s nothing better then spending quality time with the people you love.  Through the power of technology we were able to FaceTime my family (100 miles away) and share their Christmas too.

Now it’s time to relax so we can do it all again tomorrow…


”Twas the Night Before Christmas…”

img_1774It’s almost 11:30pm, the stockings have been hung, the presents wrapped and children all over England are waiting eagerly for Santa to arrive. For my two eldest step-children their stockings are already full and waiting.  This year my two youngest step-children are celebrating Christmas with their mum, by now they would have prepared the goodies for Santa and his reindeer and they will be safely tucked up in bed dreaming expectantly about what presents they will receive.  In our house I am the only one still awake, even Phoebe (our dog) is curled up asleep on the bed next to me.

For me this Christmas will be a time of reflection, a realisation of what could have been and of what was not destined to be. A time to be thankful that my family are safe and well and an opportunity to remember all of the good times we have shared.

No mater how you choose to spend the holidays make it memorable and tell at least one person that you love them ❤

Merry Christmas 🎄