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I am there, but you don’t see me.

You do not see the pain in my eyes, or feel my loneliness when I am ignored.

I am invisible to you…


World Book Day…

I know it’s a bit early but I love World Book Day, at my school the children and staff all dress up as Book characters, with a few Super Heros and Disney Princesses thrown into the mix too. We have 12 classes and a prize is awarded to 1 child per class for the best/most creative costume.

Last year one of the boys came dressed as a character from the Cornelia Funke ‘Inkheart’ trilogy. His costume was simple, black trousers and jumper but his mum had carefully written words across one side of his face. I loved it and he won an award for the most original costume.

In the past we’ve had a homemade Tin Man, a Demon Dentist and a Cat in the Hat to name but a few. It’s a day where we celebrate all things bookish.

This year my class will be creating picture books and comics, we have a local author in to work with Year 6 and the other classes have lots of activities arranged to.

So Happy World Book Day for Thursday 📚

Who said writing was a lonely business?

I’ve read that writers are naturally lonely. To enable the creative juices to flow we like to lock ourselves away.

I myself prefer working in silence, I can’t listen to music or have background sounds at all, I just can’t concerntrate. Take this evening for example, I got more written whilst I was alone with the TV off then I did when my fiancĂ© joined me and the TV was turned on, yes I could have gone to another room and continued writing in silence, but  we wanted to spend the evening together, so my fiancĂ© compromised by turning the volume down.

The problem I face though is, like this evening, that I don’t always want to hide myself away from my family, I work full time and my evenings and weekends are time for me to spend with the people I love, but since the beginning of December,because I’m focusing on my writing, I’ve had to juggle my time and also the way I write. I now refuse to close the laptop as soon as the TV goes on, I try and work on through it because I know I can edit the work at a quieter time. If my stepchildren are about then I will try and add notes to my ‘Little Book of Big Ideas’ at least I’m still being creative and writing something.

But as for my writing process I don’t think I’ll ever be completely alone as this picture shows…


because Phoebe is always happy to snuggle up next to me and encourage me.

Date Night…

It’s Tuesday, is it too early to wish it was the weekend?

This evening I didn’t get any writing done because my fiancĂ© and I went in a date. We never had a courtship in the traditional sense. In the first few months of our relationship we probably went on about 6 dates! The reason for this was that we lived 100 miles apart and that my fiancĂ© had children, so  after the first two weekends I travelled to his house and spent time getting to know the children.

We moved in together 6 months after we became a couple and since then we’ve tried to have an evening to ourselves once a month, sometimes ( if we’re lucky) we’ve managed it once a week.

This evening we went to see ‘A Monster Calls’ I’d read the book when it was first published and was really looking forward to the film.

So what did I think of it?

I loved it, it payed homage to the book, and the special effects were amazing. It’s a sad film and I did shed a few tears, but then I cried when I read the book so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. If you get an opportunity to see it, go, you won’t be disappointed.

So this evening I took a night off from my own writing and emersed myself in someone else’s and it was well worth it.

Did it inspire my own writing in anyway? No it didn’t, I don’t aspire to be Patrick Ness, but then why should I, for a start I’m a woman and not called Patrick!,

I write what I want to read and create the characters I want to write about and I hope that one day other people will want to enter my worlds too.


Trust me, I have a plan…

Within the writing community, there are two types of writers, those that plan and those who throw caution to the wind and just get on with it.

Me, I’m a planner through and through, I love creating mind-maps of my ideas and I find nothing more satisfying then watching those ideas develop into my stories.

The mind-map answers most of the fundamental questions, who, what, why, when, where and occasionally how. I then formulate a very loose beginning, middle and end, it helps me to see my journey’s end.

Don’t get me wrong, my plan is never set in stone, once my characters come alive and start talking to me I am happy for my initial plan to change, I let them take control and lead the story.

So if you were to open my ‘Little Book of Big Ideas’ you would see a plethora of mind-maps, character descriptions and story outlines all ready to come to life on the page.

So whether you’re a planner or not there’s nothing more exciting then seeing your story and characters come alive…



And now for an update…

26 days ago I started this blog about my writing journey, so I thought I’d update you and let you know how things are going…

When I started this blog I wanted to write on it everyday and apart from Boxing Day, I have. I have already received some lovely messages of encouragement from the community and today I reached 50 followers. Now for some of you veterans 50 is a drop in the ocean but when I started this blog, I didn’t think anyone would read it, I wrote it (and in part still do) for myself to prove that I could write creatively everyday.

I wanted to enter my (yet to be written) work into short story competitions. This was to stop me being a closet writer (see my previous blog posts) and to get my work ‘out there’. To date I have submitted one piece of flash fiction, I have another short story ready to submit tomorrow and a 3rd one in the developmental stages.

My ‘Little Book of Big Ideas’ never leaves my side and I now openly sit and jot down ideas rather than trying to remember them to add in private later.

I find myself frustrated when I can’t write because of other commitments, work being the biggest one…

And I find myself actively looking through my writing magazines for competitions to enter.

I didn’t want this writing journey to be a New Year’s resolution, which is why I took the plunge in early December, I wanted it to be a lifestyle change, something for me to enjoy. An achievement.

I know that I’ve come a long way in 26 days and I’m proud of myself, every step, no matter how small, has been a step in the right direction. My competition entries may not win, but 27 days ago I would never have had the courage to complete a story, let alone submit it.

Now all I need is the courage to join my local writing group, but I’m not ready quite yet…

So thank you for the continued support, it’s nice to know that you are there.